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Automate Your Real Estate Business
Work Less, Close More Deals
Make More Money
In Less Time

A brand new hot technology will have you taking more money to the bank  by working less,  closing more deals  and selling your houses faster  than you can find them.

Imagine an automated solution that...

Attracts And Pre-Screens Motivated Sellers For You
Attracting and Pre-Screening Motivated Sellers
Automatically captures and fully pre-screens motivated sellers for you
Pre-educates your sellers so well that they are ready to sell their house only to you  even before you talk to them!
Establishes your authority as key player  so motivated sellers see you as a solution provider for them
And you make offers and close deals within minutes of receiving sellers information because most of the work is already done for you
Attracts All The Cash You Need To Buy Your Houses
Having all the cash you need
Automatically builds a list of private money investors for your deals
Pre-educates your cash investors so they trust you with their money to fund your deals
You make more cash by closing more deals - deals that other investors would never touch!
You are the first and the last word on which deals to fund - if you like it, its funded!
Sells Your Houses In Record Time
Makes it a snap to present your houses professionally for selling quickly
Automatically builds your buyers list of people looking for houses along with their specific house needs and financing requirements
Automatically builds a list of investors looking for discounted "wholesale" properties - Investors Buyers List. This is a gold mine if you wholesale houses
Quickly and professionally send out your deals to your buyers and investor buyers from your back office for a quick sale

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